Viral Up Video

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is updated on 13-09-19. Please read it carefully.


We provide this Privacy Policy so that our users ("you") will know what information is being collected about you and your activities on ViralUpVideo, how that information is being used. This Privacy Policy describes the online privacy practices applicable to the extension ViralUpVideo.

What does we provide in our extension?

Our extension helps users to blur background when watching video. Currentnly this feature is only available for facebook. But in upcoming updates, we will provide it for insta and twitter.

What are extra features of our extension?

We also provide users to their fb user id when they click on the extension icon.

Why we Collect Cookies?

We use cookie to fetch user id of user and show it to user when they ask. We also check if user is login with sites on fb, insta and twitter using their "Cookies" and pass the stats in our server. We don't save cookies in our server. We take the stats of users to provide the future updates.

How we blur background?

We blur background when watching videos using javascript.

Do we share your information with 3rd party?

No, we don't share user's information with any 3rd party.

How to contact us?

If you want to contact us, please email us on [email protected]